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improving an organization’s diversity and inclusion practices

Organizations take on many initiatives that they want their employees to accept and to work towards achieving. However, many of these initiatives fail because the employees have no personal connection or accountability. For an organization to transform its culture into one that is conducive for diversity and inclusion, employees at all levels of the company must understand that they are personally accountable for transforming the culture to meet the diversity and inclusion needs. Accountability leads to a psychological ownership that helps the desired results to be reached.

Discuss how you might hold employees personally accountable for the transformation of the organization. What would be specific goals or metrics that you would set for the employees, and what tools and resources would you provide to help them reach their personal accountability goals to transform the organization’s culture?

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improving an organization’s diversity and inclusion practices
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By completing this learning activity, you will be better prepared to recommend options for improving an organization’s diversity and inclusion practices (Unit Learning Outcome 8.2).


You have likely heard these slogans before:

We’re stronger as us.
We’re stronger as allies.
We’re greater when we’re equal.

However, for many organizations, they are just slogans and not actions that are taken seriously. As you reflect upon the concepts that you have learned in this course, create your own slogan that you would use to describe the importance of diversity and inclusion in your organization. In addition, discuss how the slogan would be used to create action and strategies for creating an organization that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Completing this learning activity will better prepare you to explore ways of incorporating workplace inclusion strategies for underrepresented groups (Unit Learning Outcome 7.1).

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