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Identifying Network Intrusions Using Virtual a Machine Assignment

Hi, I need help with an assignment. For this assignment you will use VMWare Workstation and a provided virtual machine (file located on my google drive, too big to attach here. Will provide link to file). See word document attached for full instructions. Involves answering 4 questions and providing a technical summary and brief non-technical summary.

Your task is to identify any behavior that violates the company’s policies as described above. Note that what you’ve been provided with is a ‘toolbox.’ As with any job, you will not use all of the tools. You must apply background knowledge (provided above), some of which may be relevant, and some not (just like real life).

Note you’ve already been provided with some hints (mbox, ssh – where does ssh authentication information get written?).Also, review the usual suspects such as account information for instance; there are more than two files you’ll need to review.


A professional quality technical report written in two sections. The first is a one paragraph summary written in non–technical language that explains what you were requested to do, what you did, and your results.

The second part will be your technical analysis. Provide an explanation of the steps you used to identify the ‘perpetrator.’ You should provide screen shots, or copies of text, of the relevant portions of the information you found that points to the violations, but you must also provide an explanation of the screen shot or text, and why you believe the information points to a violation of policy.

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