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Identification Instructions and Rubrics

BIOL 2420 Unknown Identification Instructions and Rubrics

General Guidelines All unknown work and inoculations will be done in lab under instructor supervision. Under no circumstance may a student interrupt another instructor or course to ask about unknowns or reports. Should this occur, 5 points will be deducted from the final report grade. Five points will be deducted for each instance an instructor must re-prepare an unknown culture due to student negligence. A student who is absent on the day unknowns are handed out will be penalized 5 points. For 24-hour and 48-hour incubations, the student is responsible for ensuring his/her test tubes and plates are placed in the appropriate locations designated for the desired incubation times. These locations will be marked or indicated on the white board, cart, or incubators. The student is also responsible for correctly labeling their media to ensure there is no confusion when returning the media.

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Identification Instructions and Rubrics
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The student should use the provided log sheet to document all activity beginning the moment unknown cultures are handed out and should continue to bring the activity sheet every class period until the identification process is complete.

The report is due at the beginning of lecture on the due date. Deductions for late reports begin 5 minutes beyond the start time of class per the classroom clock. After the first 5 minutes, an automatic 10 points deduction occurs and this is considered one day late. Late reports will be accepted up to two days beyond the due date (NOT two class periods) at a deduction of 10 points per day. Late reports will not be accepted beyond two days. Reports will be accepted early for any reason.

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