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HSE315 Southern New Hispanic Minority Group Interventions Paper


Select a minority group and create a single-page handout with images and key points on the cultural and ethnic aspects that need to be considered in providing primary interventions. These interventions are provided to address crises with this population. Provide references from the readings to support your statements.


Submit an outline of your Case Analysis – Needs section, addressing all critical elements as listed in Section I of the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document and using the Case Analysis Outline template provided. The outline should be based on the case study and care plan provided and must address the impact of physical and psychological trauma on the family, the needs of the family related to the trauma, and the risk and resiliency factors of the family. Consider how different forms of trauma can affect people, as well as the developmental and sociocultural consequences of trauma. Use the Case Analysis Outline to assist with your organization.