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How to Inform Families of Literature Genres Used in The Classroom Through a Newsletter

Create TWO newsletters to inform families of literature genres being presented in your future classroom. The newsletters should foster their child’s exploration of literature and support learning in the classroom.

Select TWO genres from the following FROM BIRTH TO K:

  1. Picture books
  2. Poetry
  3. Traditional literature
  4. Modern fantasy
  5. Realistic fiction
  6. Informational books

Create a 250-500 word newsletter for each of the TWO chosen genres. Be creative and include the following in each newsletter:

  1. Description of the genre.
  2. At least THREE culturally diverse books to be used in the classroom, including the titles and authors.
  3. Culturally diverse supplemental resources (books, websites, etc.) to be used at home.
  4. Benefits to reading aloud with their child.
  5. Section for how families can recommend books for this genre.
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