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How to do a Partial Differential Equation

 Hi, I need someone to complete these 9 problems completely with 100% correct solutions. Please don’t bid until you are certain you can do all the problems CORRECTLY. I need to get a perfect score on this homework.

1.4.1 c)and g).PNG – Do 1.4.1 , c and g only.


1.5.9 b).PNG  – Do 1.,5.9 b only


2.3.3 Part 1.PNG – This is Part 1 of the 2.3.3. c and d Problem

2.3.3 c) and d).PNG – Do 2.3.3 c and d only


I need it this Thurs – Feb 13 at 3 pm EST.Remember, do all the problems correctly! Thank you.