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How the organization is currently using technology.

Technology Integration Proposal
[WLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

In this assignment you will identify an organization and develop a technology integration proposal that utilizes technology, social media, and instructional design theory appropriately to advance instruction. The proposal should be detailed and include all technologies and instructional design theories to be considered, along with justification for each using appropriate historical and philosophical foundations as well as strategies for implementation of the plan and evaluation of the plan after implementation. Prior to completing this assignment, read Cydis (2015), Tracey (2012), and Zhang (2010).

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How the organization is currently using technology.
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Instructions: Use the following outline to help structure your paper:

Overview of Organization
Provide a brief background on the organization.
Explain what products or services the organization offers.
Explain why you chose the organization.
Describe how the organization is currently using technology.
Overview of Technology Integration
State what technologies are being proposed to be used within the organization and why they are being proposed.
Explain the advantages of integrating these technologies.
Present the learning theory(ies) and instructional design model(s) that support the technology integration.
Address how the technology will affect the learning process.
Strategies for Implementation and Evaluation
State the objectives that best suit the technology integration.
Describe what strategies will be used to integrate technology to support teaching and learning within the organization.
Describe any challenges that may exist with integrating technology and how those challenges could be overcome.
Present methods for measuring the effectiveness of technology integration and explain how each method would be used.
Present learning theory and instructional design models that support the strategies for implementing and evaluating the use of technology.
Technology Integration Environment and Outcomes
Describe how an environment should be set up to effectively integrate technology to support teaching and learning.
State the expected outcomes of integrating technology to support teaching and learning within the organization.
Explain how technology changes thinking.
Address how innovative technology use can be sustained.

In addition, your assignment must

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