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How can a teacher promote child curiosity

The Discussion Assignment
“It all starts with wondering— curiosity about something. A million “whys”,”hows”, and “can’ts” can happen before the day even gets started. Voila, we have the inciting awareness that leads to the next step in scientific inquiry and learning. The adult’s job at this point is to encourage the wondering and, of course, to be amazed. Next would be a focused investigation about topic or event. This action is based upon careful looking and watching in other words, observing. The next step typically starts with asking a question. To follow the scientific method of inquiry you must test the hypothesis. The final element in scientific inquiry is communicating the findings.”

  • How likely are many teachers to follow the sequence when a child asks “Where is the ant going?”?
  • What type of classroom equipment aids child observation?
  • How can a teacher promote child curiosity?

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How can a teacher promote child curiosity
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