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Horizontal Mapping Project

EDUC 571

Curriculum Project: MHorizontal apping Project – Secondary Assignment Instructions

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Horizontal Mapping Project
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MAT in Secondary

Decide the grade level and content for which you will create your Curriculum Project (Choose the grade you teach now or hope to teach in the future and the content you teach now or hope to teach in the future. For example, if you are seeking a Secondary Degree in Mathematics, you may choose Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc. / if you are seeking a Secondary Degree in Social Science, you may choose US History, World History, Geography, etc.). Review the state standards for your grade level and/or chosen content area.

Configure a horizontal map (scope and sequence) that displays “when” and “how long” certain standards (content or skills) will be taught. Create horizontal mapping for four 9-week quarters (180 days or one school year). Do not include holidays or other school calendar events. Standards do not have to be taught in order but skills that build on one another should be taught in correct chronological order.

Your completed Horizontal Mapping Project is the basis for your Curriculum Project.

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