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High Quality Infant Toddler Environments Observation Form

High Quality Infant Toddler Environments Observation Form

Infant Toddler Space

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High Quality Infant Toddler Environments Observation Form
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Note- You may not observe all the bullet points below.

Adaptations to be made to support the 8 considerations
The Environment is:

• Safe and free from hazards

• Clean

• Has natural light from windows and other soft lighting

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Uncluttered

• Individually, age, and culturally appropriate

• Inviting and interesting to children

Places for nurturing children:

· A comfortable space, away from active play for staff to sit on the floor (with back support) and hold a child or children

• A loft • An adult-sized couch

• A mat on the floor against the wall with pillows with washable covers

• A rocking chair/glider

A quiet space for infants and toddlers:

· A soft space away from active play

• A soft space for two children with family photographs books, dolls and blanket, soft toys, quiet toys, puppets, and books

• A nest (or create a nest with an inner tube) with a blanket over it

• A space with boxes large enough for a child or two to crawl in and out of

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