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Healthcare Mission Statement Business Plan and Recommendation Assignment

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This assignment should be researched using a minimum of three scholarly resources. It should be written using APA formatting and be a minimum of 550 words.

Select a business you would like to go into, in your field of interest (healthcare administration Imagine that you have been hired in a management position. The company is looking to expand and wishes to apply for a loan of $2,000,000 to help them set up a satellite office. The first task you have been assigned is to prepare a business plan to show the bank.

For the first part of this business plan:

  • Describe the business including the mission statement, the products and services the company offers, and who you consider to be the company’s competition.
  • What would you recommend your company do so that it stands out from the competition?
  • How will you help this business to accommodate a global business environment?
  • What talents will you be looking for when you hire employees?
  • What technologies are imperative to maintaining the business?
  • What does the company currently charge for its products and/or services they offer?
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