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Great deal from observations of pre-recorded lessons


To be an effective educator, one must be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in observed lessons. Your teacher education program will include practicum experiences in classrooms where you will have a chance to observe and interact with students and teachers. While in-person observations are extremely beneficial, pre-service teachers can also learn a great deal from observations of pre-recorded lessons. This assignment will allow you to observe the video of a lesson and then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson.

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Great deal from observations of pre-recorded lessons
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For this assignment, view the Fifth Grade Math Lesson video by the link provided and then answer the four questions on the Evaluation of Video Lesson Template.

Each response must contain at least 200 words. Each answer must include at least one citation from the course textbook, one citation from the Bible, and one citation from a scholarly journal article published within the last five years. This assignment must follow current APA format and include a title page and reference

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