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Genetically Modified Organism


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Genetically Modified Organism
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I have chosen Soybeans as the main topic for Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and have researched that the CP4 EPSPS gene was inserted within soybeans. Additionally, 2S Albumin is present as the storage protein and is newly discovered on the market currently. There is also Glycinin and Beta-Conglycinin proteins that are found within soybeans as well. These genes and proteins are approximately 70 percent of total soy seed protein which presents the quality of tofu that is currently on the market for consumers (Li et al., 2019).

According to International Food Information Council, it is stated that there are 10 other GMO crops in the United States with more than 90 percent being produced on the market as of 2021 (Beans and Biotech: Why Soybeans Are the Stars of Genetically Modified Foods, 2021). Farmers and agricultural companies are typically the individuals that enjoy the benefits of the GMOs that are being utilized since they do not need to apply pesticides on a daily basis and is avoidable. Consumers enjoy the luxury of purchasing medicines and treatments that prevent diseases also known as GMOs.

Furthermore, the risks that are unapparent include the potential long-term on human health as scientists are still researching into this matter. “Some health groups say there are unanswered questions regarding the potential long-term impact on human health from food derived from GMOs” (A List Of The Potential Risks, Issues & Concerns With GMOs 2021). There are afraid that the GMOs are a risk for contamination in the long run.


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