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Gender Stereotyping in TV Shows

Assignment 1: Outline for TV Show Analysis

NOTE: You must complete this assignment in week 5 and no later than 6 a.m., Monday, immediately following week 5.


  1. Write a detailed sentence outline for an analytical essay using information from your notes on the TV show you watched and from discussion in the TV Show Discussion Forum.
  2. Please review the information on Outlines in General Resources in Unit and General Resources link. Make sure you use MLA format. (All your papers must use this format.)
  3. This outline is a close analysis that will use specific supporting examples from the episodes you watched. You may also include quotes or paraphrases from the selected readings, as long as you cite them correctly. Note: I will not acceptgeneral summaries of the shows.
  4. Your sentence outline should:
    • Have a clear introduction, body and conclusion
    • Include the titles of the shows and the episodes (accurately cited according to MLA) (Note: show titles are underlined or italicized and episodes are within quotation marks)
    • Include a clear thesis statement in the Introduction (See sample thesis statement above).
    • Topic sentences for each body paragraph that make arguments that support the thesis
    • Provide, under the topic sentence, specific supporting examples from the episodes (and, optionally, quotes/paraphrases from the readings)
    • Include a conclusion that is related to the thesis
  5. Save your outline as .doc or .docx file on your computer and submit it as an attachment here by clicking the BLUE link above. Be sure to click the Submit button or I won’t receive your file. Your posting will appear as a green exclamation point. When I have finished grading your outline, you may view my comments by reclicking the link above.
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