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GB560 Unit 4 Assignment

Organizational Structure

There are three types of general organizational structures as noted in your Reading area. Most often, structures that necessitate a high degree of collaboration accomplish the latter via the Internet in conference rooms, Google Hangouts™, Adobe Connect™ rooms, etc.

Based on your understanding of the three organizational structures types, your readings, and Learning Activity, address the checklist items.


(a) Explain the pros and cons to each of the three organizational structures referred to in the Reading area.

(b) Describe the organizational structure you would prefer if you were the project manager and explain why.

(c) Further explain how the organizational structure you would choose would affect process management versus the other two organizational structures and explain why.

(d) Scenario: An organization is changing from an HR department hiring process to having each functional manager hire their own personnel after the website has automatically screened applicants’ resumes. The qualifications will now be entered by the functional manager into the website hiring system versus having the HR department conduct the hiring process.

  • Explain what data you would examine for both the pre- and post-change management project steps to assess the change and provide your reasoning.

Access the rubric

Your response should be in the form of a minimum 3-page paper with an additional title and reference page using APA format and citation style with correct spelling and grammar.

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