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Functions of X during Drosophila development.

GIVEN GENE IS eyeless (ey)

Talking points for the ‘body’ of the paper.

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Functions of X during Drosophila development.
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The Introduction section of the review started with the heading: Introduction. The main part of the paper, or “body” is a series of sections that explores gene function in more detail. I would like your paper body to have 3 sections. You can have more than 3. Each of these also with a heading. Here is the first section:

Functions of X during Drosophila development. (or something like that). Remember you were admonished to leave out some things about gene function in the Introduction. Here is where they get put in.

1a. Describe details of X expression and function. Your gene is likely expressed in more than one place and time, and so it is involved in more than one aspect of development. You will need at least one Figure for this. So likely a Figure 2 will be cited here, and it will be of pictures that you have lifted from the literature here and there. Remember how to cite figures in your paper. Don’t include these figures though. Just cite them. Remember figures go into a later section in the manuscript. Along the way, address…

1b. What is controlling your genes’ expression. Your gene is controlled by other genes. Please describe a bit of this.

2. Gene function(s). Over some paragraphs, describe the various functions of your gene in Drosophila, and how we know about those functions. Here you would explore structural features of the protein product, and how that tells us certain aspects of function. Phenotypes from mutations of the gene needs to be brought up here. This reinforces views of the genes’ function. Can by amorphic, hypomorphic, or you can describe both. Sometimes you will encounter descriptions of temperature-sensitive mutations. These are especially interesting. Cite one or more figures that you will include later. You should have a figure supporting these findings about gene function – about protein structural features and about mutant phenotypes. This figure can be either part of Figure 2 (a figure with multiple pictures or “panels”) or it can be a new figure – Figure 3. Your choice

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