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Functional limitations in areas such as self-care, communication

Students will select and view a film or documentary that depicts the life of an individual with a developmental disability. (Examples of films/documentaries have been provided below). The students will write a 3 to 4 page paper addressing all of the aspects of the film/documentary listed in the bullet points below. This paper should be double-spaced, with 12 size, Times New Roman font and APA style referencing is required.

(See grading rubric for more details)

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Functional limitations in areas such as self-care, communication
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Students should be able to identify the following, while providing examples from the film:

1. Review of the film/documentary:

-The disability portrayed

-The symptoms experienced and unique needs of the individual with the disability

-Challenges faced by the individual

-Functional limitations in areas such as self-care, communication, etc.

-Negative life experiences as result of the developmental disability

-Reactions from community and society

-The role of the family and other support systems

-Overcoming barriers as a result of the developmental disability

-Impact of developmental disability on individual and family functioning

-Problems with transitional periods in their lives

2. Application of knowledge and skills (Provide at least two peer-reviewed research articles that will support your ideas to the following questions):

-If you were the individual(s) case manager/disability consultant, what would be your recommendations?

-What services would you suggest the individual(s) be provided with that would meet his/her specific needs?

-How can you support the individual(s) to get connected within his/her community?

-Explain the assessment process in diagnosing the developmental disability portrayed. What would you have done differently?

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