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Financial Resources for School Improvement

EDL 5500 Financial Resources for School Improvement

Community Support: Taxes

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Financial Resources for School Improvement
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As you are learning about with the information included in the Discussion Board for Module Thirteen – Tax Elections, it is imperative for education leaders to know their constituencies when it comes to renewing or passing new tax initiatives. School leaders at times go into a tax election without a clear plan for winning for all children as well. For this project, you are to create a PowerPoint presentation in which you outline the plan for winning at the polls when it comes to a new tax that is needed for your district. Here is the basic information you will need to consider for your presentation:

· The school board has recently failed at the polls in passing a new tax.

· You have been looked to as a consultant in getting this tax passed during the next election cycle.

· Your expertise is in knowing common reasons why taxes fail and in providing a message to education leaders about what they should and should not do in the process of passing new taxes.

· Your audience is the superintendent, school board, and other district and school leaders.

· Base your presentation on the article you read for the Discussion Board for Module Thirteen (A Case Study of the County School Facility Tax Initiative in Mary County, Illinois) and find one other article from a reputable source of information to include in your presentation.

· In your presentation, identify the tax that is needed (think of the needs of your local district here), why it is crucial to the school system’s success, and how it will support the educational needs of the schools.

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