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Final Physics


A piece of gold with a mass of 5.50 kg and density of 19300 kg/m3 is suspended from a string and then totally immersed in a beaker of water. Using density of water is 1000 kg/m3

a) Determine the volume of the piece of gold.

b) Determine buoyant force on the gold when it is submersed.


4.50 moles of an ideal gas is at 560K. Is the gas undergoes an adiabatic compression and 3750 J of work is done on the gas, what is the final temperature of the gas?

A) b. 572 K

B) d. 977 K

C) a. 627 K

D) c. 2590 K


A 0.300 kg piece of metal is heated to 88°C and placed in a copper calorimeter with mass 0.150 kg which contains 0.500 L of water that are both initially at 12.6°C. Over a short period of time the mixture comes to an equilibrium temperature of 22.5°C, what is the specific heat of the metal?

A) b. 1075 J/(kg ∙ °C)

B) a. 1250 J/(kg ∙ °C)

C) c. 1500 J/(kg ∙ °C)

D) d. 3400 J/(kg ∙ °C)


A gas is taken through the cycle illustrated here. During one cycle, how much work is done by an engine operating on this cycle?

A) 3PV

B) 2PV


D) 4PV


An object has a weight of 400 N when it is dry. When it is completely submerged in water is has a weight of 150 N. What is the density of the material is the density of water is 1000 kg/m

A) a. 2300 kg/m

B) d. 1600 kg/m

C) c. 1200 kg/m

D) b. 4500 kg/m


Using the standard form of a wave x = A cos(ωt), for this wave: 2.5 cos(6.0 t) please determine the following with the correct units:

  • The amplitude.
  • The frequency.
  • The maximum and minimum speed
  • The maximum acceleration 


If a car horn honking that is 450 m is heard 1.3 seconds after it goes off, what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?

A) a. 25 °C

B) d. 12 °C

C) b. 34 °C

D) c. 56 °C


A CD with a diameter of 12.5 cm goes from rest to a tangential velocity of 5.6 m/s. If it does this in 2.5 seconds, what is its angular acceleration?

A) 36 rad/s

B) 18 rad/s

C) 16 rad/s

D) 24 rad/s

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