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Fenty Beauty Cosmetic Industry Summary of Strategy Paper

Our Industry is cosmetics and my company is Fenty Beauty( Found by Rihanna)

There are some details which we have to write in the strategy paper. And I also put our studied content in this term for helping and the sample paper.( Hint: The sample paper focus on their industry but I just need focus on my company which is Fenty Beauty. This whole paper is about my company Fenty Beauty.)

Background and High level Overview (2-3 pages)

—a: Company Chosen(Fenty Beauty); Industry that company is part of…

—b: Size, Growth Rate, Trends, Key Recent Events

—c: Key differentiation – what makes your company different – today?

—d: Key Opportunities & challenges in today’s marketplace

—e: Your “Vision” for your company’s success in the future…how will it succeed? —- Competitive advantage
Market Industry Analysis (3-4 pages)

—a: SWOT analysis —- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

—b: Competitive analysis (Porter): 1. Who are your current biggest competitor? 2. 5-factor review (or 4 E’s)

Customer Analysis: (2-3 pages)

a: Segmentation, Target Audience, and Positioning:

1. Who are your customers today?

2. How will they change in the next 5 years?

3.How or will your positioning change in the future?

b: Pricing & Distribution

1. How are you priced vs. your competition?

2. How will your distribution change? (Brick & Mortar? Online?)

c: New products or areas of concentration?

1. Based on your industry(cosmetics) review…

Measurement of your strategy’s future success:(1- page)

a: Factors of measurement (don’t need financials, just catagories)

Examples: Sales, New products, Margins, New markets (geographic?), New customer segments

b: Summary: (1-2 pages) 1. How will your company (Fenty beauty) be different in 5 years? (Competitive advantage…in the future)