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Feminism is for everybody: Passionate politics discussion

At the beginning of the quarter, I asked you to think about whether or not you consider yourself a feminist. (i did consider myself a feminist) As you respond to this prompt, please take a look at what you said then, and reconsider your response. Also, be sure to quote bell hooks from chapters 18 and/or 19 and the video.

Has your initial response to the question “Do you consider yourself a feminist” changed at all? if yes, why and how? if not, why not?

You DO NOT need a works cited at the end of your response. But you DO need to cite the source in your response. For instance if you quote the author of the book, include her name and page number (hooks 5) for instance. When you quote the video, include a time stamp where the quote appears like this (3:15), and be sure to name the speaker.

READ: Feminism is for Everybody – Chapters 18 and 19… Bell Hooks

WATCH: “Let’s Chat about Love and Feminism: Rad Talk”

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