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Existence of mutant and transgenic stocks.

GENE GIVEN IS eyeless (ey)

Talking Points for Introduction

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Existence of mutant and transgenic stocks.
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Before anything else, the first page should have a Title of your paper. You should have a title when you turn in this Introduction. This need not be the final title. You can change it later. A title should…

Not be vague and too general.

Not be too verbose and long.

Have some key words, like Drosophila, development, the name of your gene, a key function of the gene, maybe.

Have proper capitalization. Here are examples.


This is the Title of My Paper

This Is The Title Of My Paper

Titles don’t end in a period.

Introduction. This is the really first major section of the eventual review. An introduction starts with a very general background, and then ‘funnels’ the reader toward a more specific subject.

1. Start this section with a heading. Probably the heading will be.. Introduction in some sort of enhanced type. Bold, all caps, big letters – your choice. But the chosen style should be kept for other section headings in the “body” of the paper to follow.

2. Start by describing that Drosophila is a fruit fly & is useful for basic genetics research. Including genetics of development. Reasons:

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