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Examples of future curriculum

Your Practice Learning Story Needs Six parts:

1. Context-Name of child, date of observation, place where observation took place

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Examples of future curriculum
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· Who the child is (make up a name)

· Where the child is

· How old is the child (must be less than 3 years old)

2. Intention- This should be one or two sentences that answer one of the following questions

· What did you want them to learn?

· Why did you offer this experience?

3. Observation – Your observation should be literally what you saw with no interpretation; only what you saw.

· All sentences should use descriptive language with no interpretation. Do not use the word “playing” or “happy” or “because she wanted to…”

· Don’t forget to write down what the child said (at least one quote, even if it is a baby) The child’s voice (perspective) is important.

4. What it Means to Me- For this class, this is the most important part.

· Connect what you observe to what you know about development (research, foundations, DRDP)

· Connect at least 5 DRDP measures to five child’s actions.

· Use full sentences, not bullet points, to describe why you chose those measures.

For this class, this is the most important part. This is a letter from you to the child. It is where you connect the DRDP measures with what you observed (from your Final Observation). Use full sentences, not bullet points. Connect at least 5 DRDP measures to the child’s actions (from your observation). Remember to use the I/T DRDP, not the PreK DRDP. The grammar and spelling is good enough to be understandable and in PAST SIMPLE tense.

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