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Evaluative Annotated Bibliographies

Attached Files

File APA_annotated_bibliography.pdf APA_annotated_bibliography.pdf – Alternative Formats (155.51 KB)
File APA_Annotated_Bibliography_Template.docx APA_Annotated_Bibliography_Template.docx – Alternative Formats (20.184 KB)
File Conflict Management Case Study.docx Conflict Management Case Study.docx – Alternative Formats (149.521 KB)

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Evaluative Annotated Bibliographies
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You will:

Review the Case Study linked above. Find 3 PEER REVIEWED articles on conflict management/resolution in the workplace. Do not use articles found in websites. Use may use PGCC’s Online library, or another of your choice.
Create Evaluative Annotated Bibliographies of the Articles using the template attached above, APA formatting for in text citations, and references and post it in this folder by clicking on the title “Annotated Bibliography 2” above.

***Each annotation should be one paragraph, between three to six sentences long (about 150-200 words).

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