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Ethnographic Methods and Raybeck , writing homework help

Essentials of cultural anthropology 3rd edtion (you can get a free trial of the ebook on I just can’t find my book in my house right now other wise I would give you the pages. 
  • How has Raybeck’s approach to ethnography been similar or different to what is presented in Chapter 5? What has surprised you the most about how ethnography is done?
  • Which of the theoretical perspective discussed in Chapter 5 do you think is adopted by Raybeck? How might his research project been different if he subscribed to a different theoretical perspective?
  • What do you think about the field methods (see Chapter 5 in your textbook p.95-98 for a summary) chosen by Raybeck? Are these appropriate? Do these allow him to address his research questions? What could he have done differently?

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