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Ethics and integrity are important to the field of IT.

Explain why ethics and integrity are important to the field of IT.

GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of information technology.

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Ethics and integrity are important to the field of IT.
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Unit 9, Assignment 1: Competitor Evaluation Benchmark

Project managers typically have a role in the procurement decision-making process. Decisions in procurement need to be objective and result in the best support for project success. This assignment will provide a basic framework for objective evaluation.

Unit 9, Assignment 2: Professional Responsibility

Project managers have an ethical professional responsibility to uphold in the management of projects. PMI has established formal guidelines that project managers are required to follow.

Assignment Instructions

Assignment 1: Your company has decided to provide you with a new smart phone of your choice; however, you must bring your procurement manager a proposal for your selection with benchmarks of selected product capabilities and costs. Using MS Excel, build a Competitor Evaluation Benchmark listing a minimum of five of your evaluation criteria down the first column and at least four commercial smart phone manufacturers (with at least one vendor being international) across the top row. Identify the criteria that are the most important and give them heavier weights. Remember, cost is also a consideration.

Use the following competitor array chart as an example to build your competitor evaluation benchmark. Remember, the formulae are not embedded in this chart but must be embedded in your benchmark. See your grading rubric for the grading criteria.

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