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Establishing connections between the song’s lyrics and relevant sociological concepts

Prompt: Analyze ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday by establishing connections between the song’s lyrics and relevant sociological concepts, terms, or theories. Be sure to use at least one Sociological theory (functionalist, conflict, and interactionist) in your analysis.To earn full credit your post should follow the format below:

Discuss how the lyrics to ‘Strange Fruit’ conveys the depths of racism include sociological concepts as you examine the lyrics. Research why this song was banned from the radio. Share your thoughts on the impact the song would have had if allowed on the radio during this time in society. (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)
Reveal how the song promoted social awareness and social change. Include other forms of popular culture that have also spurred social movements- choose a song, current event, news event or video of your choice that has influenced a social movement today. (1 paragraph of 5-7 sentences)
Identify which social movement the song is associated with and include another song or songs that have motivated social movements or helped to create social change. Explain at least one of these songs and the problem(s) that it addressed. Be creative, the song can be old or new, about problems such as wars, women rights, gun control, religious expression, race, social inequality, etc. (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)
Conclusion (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)- What are your thoughts about the issue/social movement you discussed

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Establishing connections between the song’s lyrics and relevant sociological concepts
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Be sure to include at least two scholarly sources to support your statements. If there is more than one part to a question, you must answer all parts of the question.

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