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Ensure Resilience to Disasters Presentation

Throughout this Capstone course, the student will first be assessing and then improving the simulation. In the Cases, each paper will discuss the extension of a different mission area. In the SLPs, a presentation will be developed from the viewpoint of a key leader (i.e., Incident Commander, Operations Chief, Logistics Chief).


Based on the Module 1 Case paper on the DHS mission area, “Ensure resilience to disasters”, prepare a presentation from the viewpoint of a key leader (i.e., EOC Commander, Incident Commander, Operations Chief, Logistics Chief) to extend the disaster simulation. (Hint: Base the presentation from the simulation EOC briefing.)

Focus on expanding content of key leadership roles from the Case 1 simulation.

Include references to recent disaster examples and the impact upon the people, community, or region. The presentation can expand a briefing in the Case 1 simulation or be based on an additional leadership role.


Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

  • Sufficient length—about 8-10 slides.
  • A good overview.
  • Main issues covered (key leader presentation supporting the simulation extension).
  • A good mix of text and graphics.
  • Conclusion slide.
  • References slide(s).

Your presentation will be reviewed for:

  1. Quality of content.
  2. Focus.
  3. Development.
  4. Organization.
  5. Adherence to a chosen format (e.g., APA).
  6. Grammar and punctuation.


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