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Engaging the Voice and Other Vocalizations

Your essay is designed to increase your understanding of nonverbal communication in relationships. For this 3.5 page essay (abstract + main-body), you should choose a real relationship/interaction in your life and evaluate the nonverbal communication using your textbook. Choose a specific topic reviewed in this class (for example, eye contact) and reflect on the relationship based on the interactions. Make sure to include terminology and theory connections to describe the specific interaction and/or relationship.

Be sure to use specific details and cite your textbook and/or external sources. This writing assignment should include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References (please see Purdue University’s APA Style Guide (Links to an external site.) for more information). Review the assignment rubric available in the assignment description.

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Engaging the Voice and Other Vocalizations
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*** in text citations needed too

****chapters from the book to find information:

Chapter 6: Haptics: Engaging Physical Contact and Touch

Chapter 7: Oculesics: Engaging Gaze and Other Eye Behaviors

Chapter 8: Vocalics: Engaging the Voice and Other Vocalizations

Chapter 9: Physical Appearance: Engaging Identity and Physical Features

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