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ENC 1101 America’s Gun Laws essay

Final Essay on Gun Policies

Please Pay Close attention to all directions and attachments

Formatting the Essay:

This essay will use APA formatting. The entire essay should:

  1. Be double spaced, including the Reference page.
  2. Contain one-inch margins all the way around, which is standard for Microsoft Word.
  3. Present headers with Running head, Title, and Page Number on the the first page (usually the title page)
  4. Present Title and Page Number in headers on the second and all subsequent pages.
  5. Feature an original title centered on the first page of the actual essay.
  6. Include an abstract and title page.

Research & Documentation:

  • Citations should be in APA format. References Page included.
  • The amount of Cited information should not exceed 15%

Please Refer to All attachments, Instructions, and feedback

Attachments Include:

1. Grading Guidelines and Grading Rubric (please pay close attention to rubric)

2. The required outline of the essay

3. The original rough draft (your rough draft)

4. Rough draft with comments and edits from Teacher (please pay close attention to this)

5. Rough draft with edits/comments from school Tutor

6. Sample/example of what the final essay should look like

Number of pages is estimated based on previous essays its a minimum of 600 words total …

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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