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Effective PowerPoint presentation

Review the Center for Teaching (n.d.) resource that provides tips for creating an effective PowerPoint presentation. Then, revisit the scenario presented for this Assignment, which prompts you to assume the role of an instructor in a community college setting. Next, reflect on all that you have explored in this module with regard to language acquisition theory, as well as the key principles and major contributions by the field’s most notable theorists: Piaget, Vygotsky, Skinner, and Chomsky. Last, consider why it is vital for early childhood professionals to possess knowledge of language acquisition and development.

Imagine that you are a community college instructor who has taught in the Early Childhood department for 3 years. In this time, you have observed your students’ difficulty in fully grasping the importance of language theory as it relates to the healthy development of young children. To overcome this struggle, you have created a lesson that will prompt students to explore how young children learn language. You are excited, because you believe this will provide students with foundational knowledge in language theory and acquisition. You decide to begin your lesson with a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the contributions of key language theorists and the principles that define their theories.

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Effective PowerPoint presentation
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