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EE 530 Cadence Assignment

A. Creating a new folder in your home directory 1. Make sure you are at your home directory by typing cd 2. At your home directory create a new directory named tsmc018 by typing mkdir tsmc018 B. Copying files to the new folder 1. Change directory to the tsmc018 by typing cd tsmc018 2. Copy the following three files: (a) .cdsinit, (b) display.drf, and (c) cds.lib by typing a. cp $CDK_DIR/cdssetup/cdsinit . b. cp ../../../usr/cadence/tsmc/CR018G1P6M/1P6M_4X1U/display.drf . c. cp ../../../usr/cadence/tsmc/CR018G1P6M/1P6M_4X1U/cds.lib . C. Opening Cadence and Modifying the Library 1. Open Cadence by typing virtuoso & 2. Add the path of the TSMC018 Library in your Library Manager and then save

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