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education and curriculum design

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Curriculum evaluation and change can employ a variety of processes. Those involved can be external to the organization, within the organization, or a combination of both. The drivers of change can be experts, implementers (instructional designers, teacher or trainers), or learners.

In this assignment, describe the process that best fits your current or anticipated area (K-12, higher education, corporate training, or military).

Select an institution in your area of instruction such K-12, higher education, etc. and describe the practices and procedures for curriculum change within that institution.

Answer the following questions:

Who should have primary responsibility for evaluating the curriculum for your type of organization?Who should have input on how effective the curriculum is? What are the advantages and drawbacks of a team approach to curriculum evaluation?What steps are essential in the evaluation and change process.

Be sure to support your position with a variety of sources and use APA manuscript format.

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