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EDDL614 Concordia Identifying Student Demographics Assignment

Identifying Student Demographics

Due Saturday

This week you investigated the demographic composition of students in your specific school or school district. You are expected to gain additional understanding of their importance in fostering successful school, family, and community partnerships.

Write an action plan to address the barriers related to student demographics that you identified in Week 1. If you did not identify barriers related to student demographics then please do so now. In this plan:

  • Address the important demographic composition of students and parents served in your specific school district or educational entity.
    • Your compiled data will include factors such as student population by grade levels including gender and race, the number of students receiving special services, attendance rates of students by grade levels, race and gender, and percentages of students entering and withdrawing from your school district during the previous school year.
    • Your analysis will also include student achievement scores that you believe are relevant to serving the student culture of your school or the school district.
    • Explain how you will develop a greater sense of community in your school district or educational entity by being a servant leader and cultural bridger. How will your strategies address the barriers related to student demographics?
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