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ECON 135 Homework #3 Balance sheet and questions

Homework Rubric (2)

Homework Rubric (2)

标准 等级 得分

此标准已链接至学习结果Homework CreditThese are the possible scores on the homework assignment

5.0 得分

Full Credit

Homework is complete and without error or with one or two minor mistakes.

4.0 得分

Standard Credit

Homework is complete but with some errors such as a three or more minor errors or a couple major errors.

3.0 得分

Some Credit

Homework is incomplete such as parts of questions not attempted or is complete but contains numerous major errors.

0.0 得分

No Credit

Homework is not turned in or is turned in late


总得分: 5.0 ,满分 5.0

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