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ECE466 Power Systems I Chapter Review on Transformers

ECE 466 Power Systems I Name :

Chapter Review on Transformers ID :-

Submission Deadline: 05/19/2019

Study the chapter on transformers uploaded on canvas and provide a technical review.

Your review should include the following details

  1. Thorough technical review
    • Comment on the technical comprehensiveness, accuracy and clarity of the modules.
    • Cleary mention if any topics are missing, what makes the content interesting, and any suggestions to improve the technical content.
  2. Comment on the content organization, structure and flow.
  3. Finally, based on your review of the above modules, provide suggestions to adopt the material as a standard textbook for Power Systems I. Clearly mention if you feel there will be some drawbacks of adopting the textbook

Report Format

  1. The review should be one page on an A4 sheet (1’’ margin on all sides).
  2. The text should be in times new roman, font size-12 with single spacing. Do not include any figures and indent all the paragraphs.
  3. Upload an e-copy in pdf format on canvas.
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