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EC225/EEC2329 Rasmussen College Module 2 Family Goal Setting Process Paper

Time for a quick journey into your past. Think back to a time when your family (or a family you know) set a special goal for the year (or you can use a goal for this current year). In a 1-2 page paper, answer the following questions about the family goal. Using complete sentences, write one short paragraph per question.

1. What is the special family goal for the year?

2. Why do you think this has become the special family goal for the year?

3. Why do you think family members are motivated to reach this goal.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10. how intensely does each family member seem to desire this goal? If there are differences in motivation, how do you explain this?

5. In your mind, what is one value behind this family goal? What type of value would you say this is and why?

6. How do other family goals relate to this main family goal? Include an example.

7. What resources are needed in order to reach this family goal?

8. Approximately how long will it take for the family to obtain this goal?

9. What suggestions can you, as an education professional, provide the family about reaching the family goal?

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