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Early Childhood Assessment Professional Interview and Literature Review

You will write a paper consisting of an interview summarized in a report with the purpose of integrating your learning in this course and a review of the relevant research literature. You will interview a professional (e.g., clinician, researcher, educator, etc.) who works with young children with developmental disabilities and is directly involved with assessment. Following the interview, you will appraise their work by comparing the assessment approach they use in their practice/research with what you have learned throughout this course about early childhood assessment and from a review of the related research literature. Your paper should integrate both the content you learned as a result of reading Brassiness & Beerbohm (2007) and other assigned course reading, and information you learned from your review of at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles. This paper will be a minimum of 10 pages and must be written in the format outlined in the SPA 6th Edition Publication Manual (e.g., cover page, headings, margins, etc.).

Your paper should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Discuss the importance of assessment, evaluation, and diagnoses in the field of developmental disabilities, including any challenges and progress in recent years. Outline your decision to focus your interview on the subjects (e.g., the particular type of professional, setting, disability, etc.) of your choice. This section must illustrate both your understanding of the current empirical knowledge from the research literature and your consideration of real-world challenges and opportunities with respect to early identification and assessment of developmental disability. You may choose either to focus your interview/paper on identification and assessment of one type of developmental disability (i.e., the type with whom the professional works) or developmental disabilities as a whole.

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Early Childhood Assessment Professional Interview and Literature Review
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