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Early Childhood Administration

EDU 261 Early Childhood Administration I

Assignment 3: Staffing Plan

After reading chapter 5 in your textbook and the PowerPoint, EDU261 Staffing Plans, complete your staffing plan below.

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Early Childhood Administration
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In assignment 1, Create a Mission Statement and Philosophy, you decided on the mission for your facility and the intended clientele. Now, you are going to make plans to staff the facility. What age groups will you serve? How many classrooms will you have? You will also need to figure out how to staff the classrooms in order to meet licensing regulations. The information in this assignment will be also used for the next assignment, Budget Plan.

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1 – Compile a list of the various roles you will have at your early childhood facility; do not forget to include the director. Create a job description that includes job duties/responsibilities, qualifications, supervision, and working conditions for TWO of the roles. Sample job descriptions are provided below for your reference. Feel free to use other formats but include the required components. If your child care facility is a family child care home or center in a residence, you will still need to complete job descriptions accordingly.

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