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E-Business and online commerce, assignment help

Case (select the link): Montana Mountain Biking

In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

Search for information about Amazon Marketplace and eBay Stores on the Web and in your library that will help you make a recommendation to Betty regarding which alternative would provide the best avenue for her online business expansion. Support your recommendation with relevant facts, including specific costs of operating each type of store and specific benefits that Betty could gain by using one or the other.

Evaluate Betty’s business and identify ways in which Betty might be able to utilize the web to reduce costs and become more efficient in her operation.

Outline a strategy that Betty could implement using a social networking site such as Facebook that might direct traffic to her Web site, to her auctions on eBay, and to her pro-ducts for sale on Amazon. com. For each element in the strategy, provide an explanation of how it would help achieve Betty’s goals.

Each question needs to be 250 words or more.

APA Format

In text citation

References the article that is provide, reading material, and anything else that you can you use, however please make sure you use what I provide as a reference.

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