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Drosophila, biology homework help

In Drosophila, the genes for eye color, wing shape, and wing length are located on chromosome II. Purple eyes (pr), arc bent wings (a), and vestigial wings (vg) are the mutant forms of the wild type traits red eyes, straight wings, and long wings, respectively.You’ve discovered some data in your genetics laboratory which indicates that the distance between vg and pr is 12.5 m.u., the distance between a and pr is 44.7 m.u., and the distance between a and vg is 32.2 m.u.

Part A

Part B

Part C

If a total of 1250 offspring were obtained from your cross, determine the number of offspring that you would expect to obtain that represent a single crossover event between pr and vg if interference does not occur.

Part D

Upon careful examination of the offspring obtained from your cross, it was determined that only 25 offspring were double crossover phenotype — half of the 50 that was expected.Now, how many offspring that represent a single crossover event between pr andvg are expected, considering that positive interference has occurred?

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