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Discussion of cultural diversity and advocacy

Project: Final Project: Culture, Advocacy, and Sexual Practices

For this assignment, you design a 1 hour psychoeducation training on a topic of your choosing related to sexuality. You may choose to develop a presentation on any topic related to human sexuality but must include a discussion of cultural diversity and advocacy as related to that topic. The project must include both PowerPoint slides and Facilitator’s notes that script out each slide, including identifying how much time should be spent on each slide and directions for group activities. Facilitator notes need to be detailed enough that a peer could use the assignment you submit to facilitate the session. References (must demonstrate a well-researched topic).

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Discussion of cultural diversity and advocacy
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Submit the following:

PowerPoint Slides
15-20 (not including title slide, objectives, or references)
You are not expected to present or record your presentation, simply submit the materials that you developed for the presentation.
Facilitator notes. Facilitator notes must include:
Target audience
Format of presentation
Scripted lecture or detailed directions for any interactive/experiential activities for each slide in presentation
Presentation must include discussion of cultural diversity and advocacy as related to topic.

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