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Discipline ways and methods for social-emotional growth



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Discipline ways and methods for social-emotional growth
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Guided Response: Please respond to at least two of your peers, as early in the learning week as possible so they can make improvements to their final draft. Offer your peers feedback based on the following points:

· Is the flyer clear and easy to follow?

· Is the flyer engaging and does it make you want to attend the workshop?

· Is the objective of the workshop clear? Do you know what you should be learning?

· Do you know who should attend this workshop?

· Does this flyer make you interested in attending the workshop? Why or why not?

· What other suggestions do you have for your peers?


State your degree program- Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

The position you interviewed for at the University of Arizona Global Campus Multigenerational Center- Assistant Teacher

Your clients- parents and caregivers of babies through children age 10 years old

Title of your workshop- Conscious Discipline (Dr. Becky Bailey)

The topic of your workshop- Conscious Discipline ways and methods for social-emotional growth

Why you chose this topic for your workshop- It is a very helpful program for children that attend the center. We use it here at the multi-generational enter and it would help the children to have the same methods echoed at home. It also lets the parents know what we do and why.

Your biggest concern about hosting this workshop- Some parents may find it too “new school” and not effective.


Hello, my degree program I am currently in is Bachelors of Arts Early Childhood Education. I applied for the Assistant Teacher posting. My workshop is geared toward parents who have children attending preschool. The title of my workshop is The Art of Teaching Preschoolers. This particular workshop aims to assist parents with fun and creative ways to keep their preschooler engaged while learning. I choose this topic for my workshop because, during parent-teacher conferences, parents have stressed that their child shows no interest in learning when they are at home. My biggest concern about hosting this workshop is speaking in from of a crowd.


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