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Diffrent materials for students with special needs

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and   Technology:

Short /e/ Vocabulary list

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Diffrent materials for students with special needs
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Short /e/ paragraph

Short /e/ Book Jen

Short /e/ Word Search worksheet

Section 2: Instructional Planning


Anticipatory Set

Time Needed


Multiple Means of   Representation

The teacher will start a   conversation with the student, asking the student what the different sounds   the different vowels make. Teacher will then lead into conversation about the   e sound and it makes two different sounds. Teacher will tell the student that   today’s objective is to work on the short /e/ sound. Teacher will review the   short and long e sound with student, teacher will ask student about learning   it in the past. (How did you learn these sounds? How do you remember which   sound to make?) Teacher will tell student that we are going to read a   paragraph and look for the short /e/ sound.

Explain   how you will differentiate materials for students with special needs

· What   accommodations/modifications will you include for a specific student?

· Do you anticipate any student who   will need an additional challenge?

What   co-teaching approach will you use to maximize student achievement?

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