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Developmental milestones within various developmental domains

Early childhood professionals need to be aware of the developmental milestones within various developmental domains. A simple way to assess children’s attainment of developmental milestones is through the use of a developmental checklist. This allows teachers to differentiate instruction for children at all developmental levels. In addition, it provides valuable information that can be shared with parents and can be used to determine if a child should be referred for further evaluation.

Without question, the best way to understand a child’s developmental level in any area is by observation. This assignment puts you in the perspective of a teacher who is using a developmental checklist to assess children’s development. You will use anecdotal records created during observations, developmental checklists, and your knowledge of child development to determine whether a child’s development is typical or atypical.

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Developmental milestones within various developmental domains
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You will choose three children of different ages to observe. The children should be between 0 and 35 months old.


The Assignment

In this assignment, you will observe three children using the attached videos (one for each age group).

Read and review this Assignment Guide and the Observing Development Grading Rubric before beginning.

Choose three children of different ages to observe. The children should be between 0 and 35 months old.

Child 1 must be less than 12 months old.

Child 2 must be between 13 and 23 months old.

Child 3 must be between 24 and 35 months old.

Seek permission from the center director, teacher, or parent to observe each child. You must observe each child for a minimum of 45 minutes while they are NOT sleeping.

You may observe the children in any approved environment, including a child care setting or in the child’s home. Schedule a time to observe that works well for all involved.

Prior to observing the children, you will also need to select one or more developmental checklists. Select at least one checklist for each child you plan to observe. Be sure to note the age range covered by the checklist to ensure it is appropriate for the child. You may choose to use more than one checklist for each child, and you do not need to use the same checklist for all children you observe.

Resources by Age: Birth to 6 Years Checklist (opens in a new window)

Under the heading Resources by age you can click on each item 0-3 months, 4-6 months and so on.

Developmental Checklists (opens in a new window)

Milestones Checklist (opens in a new window)

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