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Developmental Impact of Parental Support

Student Issues In Education

Efrain Rivera

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Developmental Impact of Parental Support
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Bullying is a common situation in most schools. One student out of five report to have undergone bullying in their life in school.

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that a higher percentage of boy’s report being physically bullied. 6% of boys report physical bullying as opposed to 4% of girls. However, 18% of girls report a form of verbal abuse and 9% of boys report verbal abuse. The important thing to realize is that bullying can happen in many ways. There is even indirect bullying like creating rumors and stories. Both male and female students suffer from all types of bullying. It is important to know what to look for as it can come it many ways.

Educate students about the consequences of bullying. Go to to learn how to prevent bullying in school

Developmental Impact of Bullying

Bullying in schools often leads to depression and low self-esteem. Low self-esteem affects the development of self-confidence among school children.

Bullying affects the social and relationship life of students. Most people who undergo bullying or witness bullying at a young age are likely to develop a fear of interacting and socializing with other people.

Bullying causes trouble focusing in class and self-studies, which affects the learning of these children. Hence, most of these children fail and school and fail to acquire academic knowledge as expected



About 22% of students in the U.S live below the poverty line. Poverty levels in public schools in the U.S is at 25%

Schools should strive to provide transport and other supplies to low income students. Visit to learn long-term impacts of poverty on students.

Developmental Impact of Poverty

Students from families living at or below the poverty level are likely to drop out of school. Students who drop out of school fail to achieve the necessary education level. Therefore, the career progress of these students is significantly affected.

Poverty leads to inadequate medical care, substandard housing, and poor nutrition, which affects a child’s cognitive and physical development. Hence, most students from poor backgrounds perform poorly in school. The economic hardships affect students’ mental health; thus, it affects students’ capacity to benefit from schooling.

Students from poor backgrounds are usually unable to acquire all the necessary learning materials and other essential resources. As a result, they fail to acquire adequate knowledge necessary for their mental development.


Poor Parental Support

Most students whose parents value their education and give them the necessary support end up being academically successful. However, some parents fail to give their children the necessary support, which affects their academic success. Visit to learn how to improve parent’s involvement in your students education.

Developmental Impact of Parental Support

Responsive parenting is crucial for children’s development of social and cognitive skills necessary for their success in school later. Parents need to maintain and expand of their child’s interests and provide them with a rich verbal input, which is necessary for the children’s’ learning success in school. Students who lacked sufficient parental support from their childhood lack the foundation required for success in school. Students who lack adequate parental care have negative school behavior, which affects their performance in school and their social life.

Students who lack adequate parental support are likely to get into depression because they feel like their parents do not understand them. Depression and poor mental health affect the cognitive development of young students. Besides, students who lack sufficient parental support lack the necessary guidance, which affects their behavior in the future

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