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Develop mental health screenings in schools; research

Paper Outline

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Develop mental health screenings in schools; research
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American Psychiatric Association. (n.d.). Mental Health Disparities: Diverse Populations.

· Promoting Mental Health In Communities

The purpose of the grant was to fund a mental health awareness fair. The aim is to spread mental health awareness, by reaching out to communities where people are underserved. Educating people about mental health, would impact how people think of others dealing with mental health issues. The grant would bring a resource fair that would showcase all service providers in both mental and physical health agencies

· Promote hotlines

· Promote and utilize the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a resource

· Inventory available community services including oil companies’ safety offices and conflict resolution assistance

· Develop mental health screenings in schools; research granting agencies (Gates Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Helmsley Foundation)

· Promote national suicide hotline

· Develop network/resources for runaways

· Increase promotion, through advertising and public relations efforts, of counseling services that currently are available, including those through Telehealth

· Collaborate with schools on educational seminars for students about mental health issues and increase interaction with school counselors

· Continue collaboration with ministerial groups, including potential training of group by social worker

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