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Designing and Developing an E-Learning Course

Need By: Tomorrow, June 13, 2021

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Designing and Developing an E-Learning Course
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Write a 4–6 page paper in which you:

  •  Revise the proposed e-Learning course from the Week 6 assignment based on feedback from your professor. (ATTACHED AS PROPOSED COURSE DEVELOPMENT)
  •   Name the course and provide an ID using the format Course Name: Pat Smith_Learning Styles: Homeschooling 101; Course ID: PatSmith_EDU130
  •   Provide a course description with three goals and a welcoming announcement.
  • List one or two required instructional materials for the course and at least three
    supplemental materials, providing a rationale for each.
  •  List 3–5 learning outcomes for the first three weeks of instruction.
  • Recommend three or four instructional strategies to be used in the course,
    providing a rationale for each.
  • Design a weekly schedule for these first three weeks that includes topics and
    learning outcomes aligned with the topics.
  •  Include in the weekly schedule one discussion question and required activities for
    each of the three weeks.
  •  List two assignments: a five-question quiz and a writing assignment

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