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definition for a secondary discourse community

Following MLA formatting standards, write a minimum of 2 page essay that serves as a definition for a secondary discourse community to which you belong. This essay will be written from the first-person perspective. Your audience will be non-members of your secondary discourse community. Your purpose is informative. Be creative when selecting a secondary discourse community to write about. You should reference Gee’s “What is Literacy?” when writing this essay. Answer (at a minimum) the following questions when writing this essay. You might consider writing one paragraph for each bullet point below that you choose to discuss in your essay:

What “values and viewpoints” are important within your community?
What opposing discourses exist?
What objects or concepts are emphasized in the discourse?
Is there a hierarchical structure within the discourse? In other words, what is the structure of power within the community?
How did you get into this community?
What is the origin of the community? (You might need to do some brief research here.)
Provide an anecdote (a true story that explains an experience from within the community). Provide details and use figurative language to paint a picture for your reader of what it’s like to be in the community.
What is the perception that others have about this community?
Compare / contrast this community to similar communities.
What are some key terms used within the community that originated within and/or are only used within that community? Define the terms and be sure to explain what they mean, use them in a sentence, etc.
Explain why this community makes you who you are — why did you choose to write about this community in particular?

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definition for a secondary discourse community
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