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Data Preservations During upgrades

You work on an IT Support Team. Your organization is planning to upgrade the sales team’s smart phones. Your supervisor asked you to provide documentation for the sales representatives to prepare for the upgrade. Remember, the sales representatives do not have an IT background, nor are they fluent in IT jargon.

Create a document that will provide the following information to the sales representatives:

  • How to identify what work-related data needs to be preserved
  • How to differentiate between data already backed up and data that needs to be manually protected
  • How to protect data not automatically backed up
  • How to copy secured data onto their new devices when the devices are received
  • How data synchronization will be performed

Document your information and directions in any format you think the sales representatives will best understand. For example, you may create a memo, job aid, infographic, chart, or diagram.

Create your document using Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, Visio®, or another software application approved by your Instructor.

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